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Garage Magazine’s “Take My Picture” Explores Street Fashion Blogs and what they mean to the fashion world


emember growing up pre-Internet and being hypnotized by the beautifully staged images of fashion magazines? Pages upon pages of models showing off the hottest trends, the work of great photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Steven Meisel filling every issue. If we wanted to know anything about the fashion world, magazines were our information destination. But then the Internet happened and everything changed. From how we shop to how we socialize, the Internet created a different world. These changes were in no way lost on the fashion world.

Out of all the changes that the Internet has brought to the fashion world,what is likely the most significant is that of the fashion blogger, particularly those of the street fashion variety. Street fashion bloggers, individuals who run around cities taking pictures of stylish models and non-models and then post the pictures on their blogs, have slowly dismantled the monopoly of power magazines once held on the fashion world. Now we see new trends emerging before they ever reach major fashion publications and we also see trends being created outside these publication’s frames of exclusivity. Street fashion blogs show that everyone from models to little old ladies can be stylish and innovative. They have changed how we interact with fashion and who is seen as being in control of its influence. It’s no longer just models giving us new trends, it’s everyday people and it’s no longer world famous photographers capturing these images, it’s anyone who has a camera and wants to start a blog.

But when does it start to be too much? With the recent explosion of street fashion blogs, questions of over saturation and faking for fame have started to arise. When does dressing up to go out become just peacocking for possible photographers? How much can a hundred different photographers say about the same outfit they all happen to be photographing? In GARAGE Magazine’s short film Take My Picture these questions and others are explored by street fashion bloggers themselves as well as style journalists and editors, as they discuss what this phenomenon means to the fashion world, the state it’s at right now and what its future might be.

Samantha Alexander

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Samantha Alexander is employed by YouPlus Media, and is a contributing author for YouPlusStyle. She also works as a freelance model at various Dallas fashion events as well as with local photographers on fashion-inspired projects.