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Don’t let the Lingering Heat Put a Cramp in your Fall Style


appy first week of September everyone! Are you all excited about fall fashion and all the layering ahead? Well I was too until  the other day when I was reading Hilary Kennedy’s most recent style post where she made a really good point; yes its fall, but its fall in Texas. What does that mean? Well it means exactly what the title of Hilary’s post says, September in the 90’s, and that’s talking temperature folks not the decade. Yes, here in the Lone Star State the season of fall doesn’t automatically mean you can bust out the scarves and fluffy socks, in fact you can probably keep your bathing suit out of storage for at least another month but don’t sweat it. Sure you’ll want to have outfits ready for when we finally do get that cold snap, but until then you can still follow fall trends without turning into a puddle of persperation.


For this seasonal predicament of trying to stay stylish for fall in the Texas heat Hilary offers a wonderfully simple solution that allows you to still get that fall layered look. For her the trick is buying lightweight pieces that you can layer but also easily remove, also picking up items that are in fall trending colors but won’t induce heat exhaustion is a good trick as well. Getting your nails done in a deep red like Hilary’s toes is a good place to start or picking up some tank tops that are more dark plum or autumn  yellow.


While it might not feel like Fall, with some clever fashion choices we can at least make it look more like fall, and that’ll be good enough until we get that first sight of gray skies and yellow leaves.


Sandals: Tory Burch 

Gray Knit Maxi Dress: Forever 21

Black Jersey Sweater: Forever 21

Gold Hoops: Stella and Dot

Photos courtesy of Hilary


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