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Go Slough Yourself: Our Best Exfoliators for Summer


kay, (sadly) I didn’t come up with that. “Go Slough Yourself” is on the bottle of one of my favorite exfoliators (Beautisol) listed below, and you really should be sloughing yourself on the reg if you’re also self or spray tanning on the reg. I remember the early days of my forays into spray tanning. It was in those days that I thought putting lotion on before my trip to salon would help maximize my treatment. Oh ho ho, how wrong I was. It’s actually quite the opposite that will turn your potential fashion don’t (looking like a splotchy Cheeto) into a deceptive do. EXFOLIATE. If you’re like me when you exfoliate, your skin is crying for some lotion when you step out of the shower, but resist! Exfoliating leaves your skin clean, clear, and perfectly prepped for a trip to a Versa Spa.

best exfoliators

Shopping List

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate

La Prairie Cellular Mineral Exfoliator

Molton Brown Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Body Exfoliator

Beautisol – Go Slough Yourself

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