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Pretty Pins: How bobby pins can do more than just hold your hair in place


hen it comes to fixing our hair where would be without bobby pins? Well we might not be completely lost, but putting our hair up and making it look good would definitely be exponentially more difficult. But bobby pins don’t always have to be used in a utilitarian manner to hold back wispy stray hairs or to keep an up ‘do perfectly up and shaped.

Often times we put a lot of effort into trying to hide our bobby pins, buying ones that are the same color as our hair or strategically tucking them under headbands. But what if instead of trying to hide your bobby pins they were actually the focus of your chosen hairstyle? Here Free People gives us several clever ideas on how to turn your simple bobby pin(s) into lovely hair accessories.








Aren’t they so pretty! These bobby pin creations are not only stylish they’re also super easy to do, so check out more details on how recreate these looks at the Free People blog and be inspired to find even more ways that bobby pins can decorate your hair.

pictures courtesy of the free people blog

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