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Pretty Pins: How bobby pins can do more than just hold your hair in place

hen it comes to fixing our hair where would be without bobby pins? Well we might not be completely lost, but putting our hair up and making it look good would definitely be exponentially more difficult. But ...
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cat tipi
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Free People’s Pet Project: when your pet is as cool as you

f I had endless funds, I would wear a lot of Free People. Currently I can’t justify ponchos that cost as much as my highlights, but someday I hope to have an extravagantly priced blanket shirt for every da...


How to Wear Tall Socks with Boots

’ve been a fan of the tall socks and boots trend since I first laid eyes on the combo, but I never thought I was trendy enough to try them. So I did whatever I do when I’m in doubt: I Googled it. Google ...

Demi Lovato’s Great Attitude and Great Hair

cannot tell a lie, I initially recorded the first episode of the X Factor for Britney Spears. While I am an avid lover and defender of Dance Moms, I’ve never been a huge reality TV fan and I have certai...