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Healthified Texas Sheet Cake


appy Friday! If you are suddenly stricken with a desperate desire for sweets this weekend, let me recommend this insanely good Healthy(er) Texas Sheet Cake by The Yummy Life. Now. I hope the author does not mind, but I’m going to use her picture to show you what the cake should look like. It’s not that mine wasn’t pretty or good (it was fabulous and beautiful) but I am by no means a food blogger and I still can’t figure out how to take decent food pictures. It doesn’t help that I like to drink wine while I attempt to bake, just in case things go south. My pictures get blurrier as I go so bare with me.

OopsBut most importantly, this cake was insanely good, so easy to make, and one of the quickest cleanups I’ve ever done. AND it’s been healthified with the help of some whole-wheat pastry flour, Greek yogurt, and unsweetened applesauce.

I’m going to leave the ingredients and instructions to the much better chef at The Yummy Life, but I will show you a couple of my pictures, just to prove that I’m capable of such a feat.

The Good Picture

texas sheet cake makeover


 My pictures…

2013-01-24 21.49.50

I think I was making cake batter.

2013-01-24 21.51.54

I guess I thought it would be cool to pour it while taking the picture?

2013-01-24 21.55.45

Blurry, probably due to that empty glass of wine.

2013-01-24 22.06.02

This might be my best picture yet.

2013-01-24 22.12.31

Look, a heart!

2013-01-24 22.17.40

I promise it tastes good. 

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