Posted March 1, 2013 by Caitlin Clark in Fashion

Friday Favorites: The Boobypack


first came across the Boobypack because my big sister’s little sister in her sorority (got that?) is a Boobypack Angel; she’s pretty photogenic. What is a Boobypack you might ask? It’s exactly what you think it is: a fannypack… for your boobs.

Brilliantly designed by Christina Conrad, the Boobypack is a “top shelf fannypack” made for lady ravers who want to protect their valuables from thieves and excessive sweat.

To borrow a situation from Conrad: “Thank god I had my Boobypack on when DJ (insert name) dropped his sick new beat or else I would have lost my mind AND my phone!”


The Boobypack was just named one of Kickstarter’s best fashion products by Guest of a Guest, so get in on the action! Find out more, donate to the ‘cause’,  reserve your Boobypack in one of three neon colors on Kickstarter, and fist pump with ease.

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