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The Real Housewives of Disney


hat did you think of Lindsay Lohan’s return to SNL this past weekend?  Love her or hate her, the Real Housewives of Disney sketch was so stinking hilarious that even the haters had to chuckle.  This was a stroke of pure brilliance for whomever wrote it….here it is for you to enjoy. (Sorry you have to sit through the painful commercials to get to the good stuff. Blame NBC.)

What does this sketch have to do with style?  Everything.  There is a fascinating site called Disney Bound, which uses Disney as the inspiration for unique wardrobe, makeup, hair, and general fashion looks.  You’ll be surprised how Ariel or Jasmin can inspire you after the age of seven! Here are a few favorites.

Get the look!Get the look!











Pocahontas by lalakay featuring a sheer dress


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