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How To Get Your Makeup Look to Stay Put ALL Day


don’t like makeup that fades, slides off, or looks old an hour after I apply it.  In fact, long wear, smudge-proof cosmetics are some of my favorites because it doesn’t matter if you are spending a day at the pool or in the classroom, it’s going to look fresh and won’t budge.  The trick is finding a product line that has these qualities, but still has modern, beautiful colors.

When I got the chance to try BECCA, a line founded by Makeup artist Rebecca Morrice Williams, I was floored by how user friendly and long-lasting they were.  I read on the Sephora website that the line was designed to be layered, mixed, and blended.  It turns out, that isn’t just cleverly-written copy.  It’s true.

The Shimmering Skin Perfector ($41), a new BECCA product, is sheer and moisturizing, and it evened out my (sadly) uneven skin tone.  Though you can mix this product with foundation and concealer or use it simply to highlight cheekbones, brow bones, temples, and decolletage, I opted to to apply it all over my face and dust with a mineral powder foundation on top.  It gave a sheer glow, and produced the effect we all wish we woke up with: fresh, young, and healthy.

Shimmering Skin Perfector  Moonstone

The Beach Tint ($25) is the perfect addition to layer on top because it’s blendable, water-resistant, and oil-free.  It can be used on cheeks and lips, and it wasn’t greasy or streaky.  It has a pleasant, light scent and comes in a ton of pretty colors.  (I like Strawberry and Fig.)  If you’re a natural girl, you’ll love to know this is perservative and paraben-free.



The BECCA Eye Tints ($24) are also on my must-have list if you want your eye makeup to stay put all day.  These glide on like a creme, but they set just like your usual powder shadows.  The best part?  Crease-resistant and easy to apply with either your finger or a brush!  These are also water-resistant (for when you’re weeping during the new Twilight movie,) and they don’t streak.  Unlike your Uncle Melvin after a few glasses of wine at Thanksgiving .

Eye Tint - Romanticism

Check out the BECCA Stylist Blog for great tips, tricks, and how to get fall/holiday looks!

BECCA NY Must-Haves

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