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Free People’s Pet Project: when your pet is as cool as you


f I had endless funds, I would wear a lot of Free People. Currently I can’t justify ponchos that cost as much as my highlights, but someday I hope to have an extravagantly priced blanket shirt for every day of the week. I’ll probably also wear a lot of other really unnecessarily expensive clothes when I marry my investment banker Ryan Reynolds lookalike with a heart of gold, but I have always loved Free People. They are geniuses at marketing their brand, fashion and even their lifestyle. From their Pinterest and blog to their Instagram feed, I eat it up. It’s like they’re at a super awesome musical festival that will rage on till the end of time.

Free People makes people like me feel cool.

free people pinterest

this just reeks of cool

But why stop there? Why not spread the insta-cool that Free People provides to our four legged friends? We’ve found some adorable sites for our pets, including the ever-classy Mungo & Maud, but when it comes to making your dog or cat feel like they’ve just come back from a weekend at Coachella, Free People’s Pet Project is the way to go.

I recently bought their cat tipi as an alternative to a basket for holding Mila’s toys. Mila has an absurd amount of toys for a cat. It was all I dreamed it would be and more, but what’s even better (more surprising) is that Mila actually loves it. I catch her lounging in there all the time… scheming.

cat tipi

Mila, diggin’ it.

Just like their merchandise for real people, accessorizing your pet in Free People swag doesn’t come cheap. But for all our pets do for us (snuggling), the least could do is get them an embroidered coffee sack bed.

free people - pet project

Embroidered Coffee Sack

free people - pet project

Overdyed Rope Leash

free people - pet project

Turquoise Studded Collar

free people - pet project

Embroidered Krishna Dog Bed

free people - pet project

Ocotillo Poncho

free people - pet project

Hand Dyed Rope Collar

free people - pet project

Feista Cat Collar

free people - pet project


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