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In Love: Mungo and Maud Pet Outfitters

Mr. Tate Dogovan

Miss FurFur


tried to keep from becoming that pet owner that is obsessed with their animal companion.  I promised myself I wouldn’t spend tons of money on my two little critters, wouldn’t give in to their big, round eyes when I know they don’t need another treat, and wouldn’t get a bunch of frou frou pet accessories to clutter up my house.  But once I became the owner of these rescue dog faces, I melted. What is it about their wagging tails and zest for life that automatically melts your heart?  I’m not sure how their sweet voodoo works, but once they take hold ofyour heart, you want them living the good life.  Which is why Mungo and Maud made me do a double-take….this site is the ultimate in pet luxury.  It’s the Pottery Barn of pet accessories, which means it’s simple, classic, and downright stylish.

Mungo and Maud Dog Carrier

Dog carriers can be too functional to be cute, or too blinged out to be taken seriously, but Mungo and Maud have a version that is chic as can be.

Milan Collar Malachite 11"-13"

Milan Collar Malachite

Preppy dog collars are one way to let the public know that your dog or cat not only went to obedience school, but graduated top of their class.



Dog Bowl Woof

Dog Bowl Woof

Dog bowls no longer have to be colorful plastic.  This adorable Woof bowl would work in any room with any decor for only $29.

Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy

Rubber Gum Bear Dog Toy

You know a classy dog lives in a house that has dog toys that look like this. No torn up squeaky toys or ratty stuffed animals, no sir.

When you feel like splurging on the finer things for Fido, (or Mr. Whiskers,) pamper your pet with Mungo and Maud.

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