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The Best Poses for Rockstar Photos (Everytime!)


ou can’t avoid being snapped these days, and you already know that people will post your pics on Facebook with lightening speed.  So how can you avoid looking like a half-drunk slouch with a double-chin?  By posing like the pros.

Pose #1: Hands In Pocket Pose

cobalt nanette lepore coat

This pose rocks for so many reasons.  You look relaxed.  You look slightly mysterious.  You look slimmer. ‘Nuff said.

Pose #2: The Pageant Stance

This pose is a favorite of pageant girls ’round the world.  Shoulders back, slight lean, hands on hips, and a small ballet stance with the feet.  Slimming, confident, and downright fierce with the right outfit.

Pose #3: One Pocket Wonder


Feet together, one hand in your pocket, demure smile.  Boom!

Pose #4: The “Right Back At Ya”

Pleated skirt, fluffy heels..

So simple…just walk away, and then turn back for one last look….and click! You’ve taken a great shot that looks candid.  Of course, a sassy hand on the hip never hurts, either.

Pose #5: The Lean Forward and Laugh


Nothing looks cuter in a photo than a genuine laugh. If there isn’t anything funny to laugh at, make something up!  A warm, friendly smile is the best thing you can do to any pose. Now get to shooting those new Facebook profile pics!

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