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The LWD-Every Girl Needs a Little White Dress

lace with hot pink


t’s summer and white is the color of the moment.  (Or absence of color, as the color wheel tells us.)  Although the age-old saying is that white makes you appear larger, it can actually draw people to your most flattering features.  Oh sure, it’s easy to hide behind the mystique and slimming effects of black, but why limit yourself?

Tips to remember when wearing white:

  • Bring a Tide-To-Go Pen in your purse.  It isn’t a matter of if you get something on your whites, but a matter of when.
  • Wear underwear that won’t show everyone your panty line or fuschia thong.  Check out your backside in the mirror before leaving the house!
  • When eating or drinking, use a napkin, even as a bib if you have to.  Some things just don’t ever come out of white clothes. Ever.
  • Be extra careful if you’re putting your dress on after you’ve applied your makeup. Try to find things that zip that you can step into, not things that go over your head.
  • If you self-tan, do it in the evening and let the residual get all over your sheets while you sleep, not on that pretty white dress the next day.  (There are also a few  semi-rub-proof bronzers, like Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Self-Tanner for Legs. Pretty glow and easy to apply.)





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