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BMR Face: Fitness For Your Face


ver run in to someone that you know, but you can’t recall their name?  You can always remember a face, right?  Your face is what makes you unique-a combination of 21 muscles that display happiness, sadness, and everything in between…like our age.  As I get older, I realize the value in starting prevention early and keeping things in the best condition possible-especially when it comes to my face.  Just like exercise for the body, the facial muscles are attached to the overlaying skin; so when they start to deteriorate they can no longer support the skin – causing your face to sag. Not pretty.

I came across BMR Face, which stands for Bio-Medical Research, and the handy gadgets this company makes are designed to use “natural, comfortable” stimulation to enhance the natural beauty and youthful appearance of your face and body.  I’d seen little machines like these in spas and doctor’s offices, but I wasn’t aware that they were now available for home use! (Much more cost-effective and time saving, I have to say.)  With a $395 price tag, I wanted to give this a try on the off chance that perhaps it might save me trips to the esthetician or, even worse, the plastic surgeon, down the road.  A facelift at 50 will be much more expensive, and more invasive. I’d like to avoid that if possible.

The best thing about the BMR Face device is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it.  A convenient applicator anchors the pads on the sides of your face to target the facial nerves that control the facial expression muscles.  Small pulses are exchanged between the 2 medical-grade GelPads on the applicator. If you’ve ever had muscle stimulation administered at the chiropractor’s office on your back, it’s a similar sensation on the face, but gentler.  The stimulation can go as high as 99, but all I needed was about a 17 and I could really feel the pulses in my face.  There were three treatment options: 0, 15, and 20 minutes.  I opted for 15 the first time, but as your schedule changes day to day, you can wear it for 20 or less. The little hand-held controller is simple to use, which gives you time to read, relax, or work on your iPad while your face gets some fitness time. One tip: don’t leave the house while wearing the device. Neighbors will start to talk.

The BMR Face device

The verdict?  I can feel a difference with this science.  One truly surprising result was the relief of the TMJ symptoms I’ve been experiencing the past two years.  My jaw muscles often ache terribly after a night of clenching my jaw in my sleep, but BMR Face helps relieve the tension in those muscles.  This alone is worth the price if you happen to suffer from TMJ, grinding your teeth, or chronically clenching your jaw.  Though it isn’t an advertised claim of the product, it was a wonderful side benefit I experienced. I can definitely see over time how my facial muscles will remain more taut and firm, which is a comforting thought: no planned trips to the cosmetic surgeon in the foreseeable future.

I recommend giving BMR Face a try, and if you are feeling extra saucy, try BMR Lift for tummy, arms, and bottom.  After all, you can never be too uplifted.



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