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How to Pack for a Trip



ith this season being the busiest for travel, it leaves things wide open for packing all the wrong things.  Sometimes you’ll get to your destination with the appropriate clothes, shoes, and toiletries in hand, only to realize you’ve left your phone charger at home.  (Don’t you hate that?)  So it stands to reason that having a little help with the packing wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Heck, it might even be worth a $2 investment.

This is where the Packing Pro App comes in.  When I found this, I realized I didn’t have to forget my toothpaste and socks every single trip. The app’s website touts it as ” your very own portable, personal packing assistant. This powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tool can help you better manage your travel packing needs and expectations“.  Wow. Fancy.

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Here is what you get for your money:

  • customizable packing lists
  • edit your lists (add, delete, rename or reorder any category, type or item)
  • use any list (app samples or one created by you) as a template for future lists
  • monitor a running tally of total items per category & how many of them are checked off
  • build lists quickly & easily with multi-item selection
  • show only items that are packed or unpacked, or show them all
  • sort items by type or item, or by hand yourself
  • edit item details (number, weight, value, person, bag & notes)
  • email your packing lists to family & friends
  • select from hundreds of items for quick list generation with only minimal typing
  • access an extensive pre-departure TO DO list with over 100 actions
  • clone categories for multi-person lists

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Not only is this app good for people like me who tend to have a brain fog when it comes to packing, but can you imagine how this puppy will help you if you’re packing children for a trip as well?  It was chosen by National Geographic as one of the Top 20 apps for traveling and it works with iPad, iPod Touch, and of course, the iPhone. Don’t show up at your destination looking like a tornado hit you…just spring for the $2.


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