Posted November 1, 2011 by Sarah Beauregard in Fashion

Darth Vader Behind the Mask


hen I put this black formal dress on to take an outfit post, I knew I wanted to dress it down.  I immediately thought of layering my leather jacket, but then had the idea to put a Darth Vader mask on with it.  I threw on some flat boots to add some masculinity and went with it.  

It’s harder then one might think to know how to pose like Mr. Skywalker himself.  So I did what I always do when I’m confused.  …I danced like a ballerina.

I’ve worn this leather jacket for so long now that one of my friends told me it’s time to retire it.  I have a feeling that it’s coming back for a fourth season, unless I find a new one to replace it.

Here’s to not getting rid of clothes just because you’ve had it for a long time!

Hope you had a fun Halloween weekend.


Sarah Beauregard

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