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5 Hollywood Beauty Tips For a Healthy, More Beautiful You

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his week, I was thrilled to attend a luncheon hosted by Medicis Aesthetics to get the scoop on Hollywood beauty secrets straight from the experts. More than anything I was just thrilled to sit with some fabulous ladies and eat some Instagram worthy dishes (Central 214, you get me every time).

But I left the luncheon with a lot more than mobile uploads of goat cheese-covered bruschetta. I took away some truly amazing lifestyle tidbits that inspired me to make some changes.


1. Health and beauty are not mutually exclusive

Feeling beautiful is far more powerful than looking beautiful.  These wise words came from the stunning San Antonio Certified Dermatologist Dr. Vivian Bucay and set the tone for the entire luncheon.

2. Curl your lashes!

I am still adjusting to this medieval-looking torture device, but nothing makes your eyes look more beautiful or more awake then aspray tan photo courtesy of stellar set of lashes. New York-based makeup artist, Krystle Poulin, suggests Shu Uemura.

3. Just get a spray tan 

For me, this one’s a no brainer. I’ve been getting spray tans for years thanks to my translucent skin (I swear I was destined to be a redhead). But it was nice to hear Krystle Poulin explain how most celebs are just as pasty as me without the help of an A-list spray tan. It’s SO much better for you and let’s face it, laying out during a Dallas summer is more of a form of torture than a weekend activity.

4. Food can be medicine

eat healthy (photo courtesy of are what you eat, literally, on a cellular level. Take it from natural food chef, Andrea Beaman who was able to cure her thyroid by eating clean. Eat organic and make water your go-to drink and watch your body transform and heal.

(On that note, it’s not cheap to eat organic. Refer to your last Whole Foods receipt. Consider joining a co-op!)

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5. Do Yoga 10 minutes a day

This is huge. And according to international yoga instructor, Kino MacGregor, just 10 minutes a day actually makes a difference. It’s so easy and it’s been proven to be one of the healthiest ways to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, keep us calm and generally just make people happier. Download an app like Equanimity to keep you on track.


Bring it on, world!

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