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Ten Reasons to Get Excited for Fall


ove the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.”
Chad Sugg

Now that the leaves are finding their place swirling on the ground as the autumn breeze sets in, it’s time to look forward to all things cozy and comfortable…..

1. Wearing scarves.  Nothing makes an outfit complete like a warm, fuzzy, soft scarf.

DIY: chunky circle scarf

2. Warm mugs with whipped cream.  Who doesn’t love a warm cup of joe or Earl Grey?

Coffee and whipped cream

3. Preppy fall fashion.  It’s the time of year when a plaid skirt is a welcome change from the maxi-dress.

Plaid Skirt Milan

4. Boots, boots, boots. Any excuse to wear boots! A good pair of boots can make any day better.

boots boots boots

5. Tailgating.  What better excuse to eat, drink and be merry with friends? (And even if football isn’t your thing, you can still eat, drink, and be merry!)

tailgaiting Part II

6. Over the knee socks.  Because socks aren’t meant to hang out around your ankles. They need some knee.

Over the knee socks with black boots.

7. Cozy time with a blanket and a good book on a chilly day.  (Check out the New York Times Best Seller list for your next must-read.)

a warm blanket..comfortable chair...and yes...a good book & coffee.

8. Manis and pedis take a dark turn. Rich and deep colors reign supreme.

Fall 2012 The New Manicure

9. Pumpkin everything. Pies, soups, decor….pumpkins are the happiness squash.

Faux Pumpkin Pie

10. Sleeping one hour later. Who among us doesn’t need more sleep? Thank you, Autumn.


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