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Glamour + Camping = Glamping


lamour camping. Sounds a bit like an oxymoron, and maybe that’s why I like it. I’ve never been camping (couldn’t make it past ‘Brownies’ in Girl Scouts okay?!) but I’ve always wanted to go. I enjoy the great outdoors but I will always prefer to sleep in an actual bed, where actual bears and critters can’t get to me. Glamping on the other hand, I’d be down for that.

My fascination with all things glamp first began when I heard about Black Book Ink’s glamping site by Uptown’s Apple Store in anticipation of the iPhone 5. Their site is decked out with all the non-essentials, including a luxurious tent designed by Eleven 11 Design, Missoni accents, Green Juice deliveries from Le Jus, personal training by Equinox, gourmet food deliveries and more.  Props y’all for your serious dedication to Apple products and all things swanky.

Inspired by these hardcore glampers, I decided to plan a glamping trip of my own using an incredible site, Not only does the site tell you everything you need to know about the activity, but it makes the process as easy as booking a hotel online. You simply pick a location, select a group of dates and how many people are in a your party and voila! Your glamp site is booked.

Not only can I finally say that I’ve gone “camping” but there are actually a lot of benefits to glamping when you compare it to staying in a hotel.

1. It’s ecologically friendly 

The glamp sites you can book through are often constructed using the surrounding elements of nature. They incorporate things like composting toilets (hmmm), solar power, and working gardens to keep it green. Old, forgotten facilities are being transformed into unique and beautiful glamp sites around the world.


2. The location is awesome

Unless you were planning on going shopping. Going glamping puts you in the heart of nature, allowing you to connect with and experience the outdoors in a truly unforgettable way. Wake up, put your fashionable yet functional boots on, and start your day simply by walking out your front door.


3. Every day is an adventure

From hiking and white water rafting to animal watching and wine tasting, there are enough outdoor activities to satisfy all levels of glampers. Pass me the vino and sign me up for a day of hiking and you’ve officially converted me to the world of glamping.

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