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How To Wear Purple Shoes


ook in all the store windows right now and you can’t miss purple, plum, wine…all these colors are huge this season. In human color psychology, purple is associated with royalty and nobility, since it was originally worn in medieval Europe by Queens and other royalty. (AND it’s Justin Bieber’s favorite color. Just sayin’.) A fun way to add instant confidence to your wardrobe is to have a fabulous pair of purple shoes. There is no set clothing that matches purple heels and truth be told, they can look good with just about anything, if worn correctly.Though many people like to play it safe by pairing black with purple shoes, some of the most eye-catching colors to wear with purple heels are ones that are a little more wild. (Check out a very hot pair ideal for the upcoming holidays here.)

A great color combination is yellow and purple. Surprisingly, this goes really well together. Any color that is opposite on the color wheel will look beautiful with purple, so that includes all shades of green. Women should definitely stay away from colors that are too similar. Reds and blues are a definite no-no, so avoid mixing purple with those colors. Purple can make a bold statement, so keep additional accents with your outfit to a minimum.  A pair of chandelier earrings like these or this purple bangle bracelet (only $63!) are a perfect example of how to carry the power of this color from your shoes to your accessories at the same time.  If you ONLY want your shoes to make the statement, you can pair purple heels with a basic neutral dress or pants: gray, black, white, or ivory are all nice choices. So, do as the royals do: Find a pair of stylish purple shoes, and feel like a queen each time you wear them.

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