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Revenge Returns This Sunday: Here Are Some Tips to Help You Plan The Perfect Viewing Party


f you’re as excited about Amanda Clarke’s/Emily Thorne’s return to television as I am, you already have your Sunday night planned. Something about this show makes for the perfect girls’ night. Maybe it’s Daniel’s desperately good looks. Maybe it’s Victoria’s general cray behavior. Maybe it’s to see if Declan can ever behave at a dinner party. For me, it’s the unnatural thrill of vicariously living through someone who does things you would never in a MILLION years consider doing. The worst revenge I ever inflicted on another girl was letting them walk out of the ladies’ room with toilet paper stuck to their heel. That’s a serious crime in girl world.

If you haven’t planned your Sunday night to a tee, fear not. Here are a few ideas to keep you in the spirit of Revenge.

Bake red velvet anything

Red is the color of the evening. Get a little swanky and indulge in this red velvet cupcake recipe from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Em would approve 😉


Frost yourself


If you’re not familiar with this How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days reference, this means cover yourself in bling. It may a Sunday night and you may want to bury yourself in sweats and blankets, and that’s totally acceptable. But we’re watching Revenge, not Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, so wear just a little something that makes you feel your Hampton’s chicest. Plus wearing heals with your lululemons just feels rebellious.

Play a Drinking Game

Feel free to play with milk. You’ll probably need something to wash down all that red velvet. Here are the rules:

Anytime this happens, take a swig…

–       Victoria Grayson ends up being alive (she’s just too mean to be dead)

–       You get confused (let’s be honest, only about %60 of the plot makes sense to anyone)

–       The whale cam makes an appearance

–       You once again forget that your watching Revenge and not Gossip Girl when you mistake Declan for Eric van der Woodsen

Happy Weekend! I now leave you with the season 2 trailer of Revenge, in case you weren’t excited enough already…


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