Posted March 5, 2012 by Hilary Kennedy in Fashion

You Can Do….Turquoise Walls


urquoise walls, you say?  Isn’t that a bit much?  Well, they aren’t exactly Martha Stewart’s eggshell white, but they definitely make a room stand out. (In a good way, mind you.)  There are two schools of thought when it comes to brightly colored walls:

1. Keep the rest of the room more neutral and muted.

2. Go nuts with color and make it bold and beautiful.

Which is better?  You decide.

A few notes about decorating with this color:

  • If you use a lighter aqua or turquoise and pair it with white or ivory, it can have a very beachy feel.  Add a few random shells and gauzy drapes and you’re practically in the Virgin Islands.
  • Turquoise isn’t primarily a feminine color.  Paired with shades of brown and gray, this color can be more masculine.
  • Unless you’re a true free spirit, save the truly bright turquoise for kid’s rooms and play rooms.  Muted shades of turquoise work best for more adult rooms.
  • This color can be paired with a vast array of complimentary colors.  Try several and see which you like best!

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