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Secrets Revealed: Gorgeous Hair


thought it might be fun to get the scoop from locals on their beauty secret and how we can all benefit from it.  Rather than approach total strangers on the street and start asking away about their secrets, I thought I would start with someone in the throes of the You Plus Dallas offices whom I admire.  Her name is Sarah Beauregard, and she’s the most stylish “Manager of Everything” that the world has ever seen.  (She’s also the author of the super fun Kittens and Pitbulls blog, which you should add to your blogroll.)

Sarah has gorgeous hair, and I have been wanting to know how she gets it to look  fab every single day, so I used this as my opportunity to interrogate her….but for the benefit of all readers, of course.

HK: Where do you get your hair cut or colored and who is the stylist?

Sarah: Matthew Tully has been cutting and coloring my hair for three years now.  I think there’s a total bond when you find your stylist that you can completely trust and look forward to seeing with a pair of scissors to your hair.

How often do you go?
I go every time I start to see split ends.  I think it’s important to keep up with trims so it doesn’t get out of hand.  I have an extremely bad habit of “picking” my ends.  My husband is constantly swiping my hand away from my hair!

What products do you use on your hair at home?
I use Oribe volume shampoo and conditioner, then rub in some Oribe Signature Crème for Style to my ends before frying my hair with heat.  Some might find the price high for these products, but I have noticed they last longer because you don’t need as much of the product to get great results.

How long does it take you to style it?  What tools do you use?
I can run out the door in 5 minutes or two hours.  Completely depends on how much time I can waste on the computer while getting ready.  I have a desk with all my make-up/hair items and my computer right next to it. I use my flat iron to curl and straighten my hair.

Have you ever been a completely different cut or color than what you are now?
I use to think every time you went to get a hair cut it had to be a completely new style.  I have now calmed down in my old age and plus Matthew likes long hair, so he usually ignores me when I get a crazy idea.  (Thanks Matt!)

Any hair secrets you can share that aren’t mentioned above?
Be you, just with a twist.  Embrace your hairs texture and color and don’t wish for the opposite.  Your hair will definitely thank you and perform a lot better.

*To learn more about Sarah’s secret weapons, visit Matthew Tully’s website for more info.

Matthew Tully Hairdressing
2815 Allen Suite 126
Dallas, TX 75204


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