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Why Being “Oily” Is A Good Thing


il-just the sound of the word conjures visions of pimples or car maintenance.  I’m here today to tell you that oil is no longer your complexion’s enemy or just something that keeps your car running properly-it’s so much more than that.  It was my search for a way to avoid getting the common cold that led to my love affair with oils.  After much googling, I discovered an oil that not only kept my bank account from draining from doctor’s visits, but also literally changed my life.  Since that time, I’ve come across even more gems that have made style and beauty more affordable and natural.  Before I spill my most personal of beauty secrets, let me put it out there that just because this worked for me doesn’t mean it will for everyone.  Always consult your own body, your physician, and your intuition before trying anything that may affect your health.  All that being said, here are some oils that I think are really slick (pun intended).

Argan Oil: This oil has many uses (helping with acne is one); I primarily use it to condition my hair and make it shiny. After several hot tools, cans of hairspray, and abusive teasing are administered to my hair on shoots, it comes away dry and feeling like straw.  I tried several deep-conditioning treatments, though nothing really did the trick and restored my mane to its original softness.  On a whim, I purchased a small bottle of Argan oil for $6.99 at Sally Beauty Supply and BAM!  My hair has been “like butta” ever since. Use a very small dollop and run through the ends of hair for light conditioning and beautiful shine. Try these:

Josie Maran Argan Oil

Proclaim Argan Oil at Sally’s

Castor Oil: This is another oil that is known for it’s digestive purposes more than beauty, but I know firsthand how well it works.  After an adrenal imbalance, my hair began coming out more frequently than normal.  Frustrated by this, I told a make-up artist about it while on a shoot, and she offered up castor oil as an answer.  She informed me that castor oil is used with oncology patients when their hair falls out after chemo and radiation.  Castor oil contains Omega-9 fatty acids, which moisturize and prevent the scalp and hair from drying out. Regularly applying castor oil to your scalp and roots helps promote regrowth of hair within months, as well as taking thin hair and making it feel much thicker.  I applied castor oil to my roots at night twice a week and slept with my hair pulled up in a bun.  Within two weeks, I saw new hair growth at my crown. It was amazing! Castor oil is a favorite among women with ethnic hair because it keeps it soft and strong.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is like a miracle in a jar to me.I recently began taking coconut oil internally for health reasons, and it has helped me control my appetite, aided in digestion, and reduced any water weight that may be lingering.  I also use coconut oil as a facial moisturizer at night (it doesn’t clog pores like you would imagine,) and also as an all-over moisturizer for my skin.  During the winter months, this is especially helpful!  You can take 1-4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily to increase your energy as well. I’ve never felt better, and my skin feels wonderful. Slathering down with coconut oil is also great to do the night before you plan to self-tan; the tanner will absorb more deeply and evenly.

Efa Gold Coconut Oil

Oil of Oregano-This oil is not for the faint of heart.  I’m not gonna lie-it smells atrocious and the taste is somewhere between pizza and eating a hot pepper.  However, the benefits far outweigh the costs.  If you suffer from canker sores, cold sores, chronic colds and other viruses, this oil will provide tremendous relief.  It aids in sinus congestion, building up the immune system, and can help clear up skin infections.  For those of us who have suffered from any of the above conditions, it can get quite expensive getting prescriptions and truckloads of OTC aides.  Place just a few drops of Oil or Oregano under the tongue for 15 seconds or add a few drops to your water, juice, or smoothie and good things begin to happen.  This oil keeps the aforementioned conditions at bay, and with only a few seconds of suffering through the taste.  This oil has saved me the most time, trouble, and money, and I keep a vial of it on hand at all times.

Oreganol on Amazon

I hope these oils help you in your quest for health, beauty, and feeling the best that you can.  Feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected].


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