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Boutique Spotlight: Milk + Honey


ou guys. This place is so good I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start by saying that a couple of weeks ago I got a super trendy peplum top and a rhinestone studded Parker-style skirt for under $100.

milk and honey boutiqueI know what you’re thinking. You think I was at some Forever-21-esque megastore and my clothes will do one of two things in two months: go out of style or disintegrate into nothing. Not the case. I was at the insanely cute and trendy Milk + Honey Boutique on Henderson (right next to Pearl Cup) where the prices are low and the décor is as chic as Free People. This precious store is filled with amazing silk tops, chunky sweaters and pretty dresses that could all easily be found at a store where nothing is under $100 (I’m lookin’ at you LF). No boutique would be complete without a couple of hand creams, a handful of shoes and purses, and some well-displayed jewelry and Milk + Honey is no exception, save for the fact that these too are so reasonably priced it’s a bit unnerving.

milk + honey best of big d

they even won a Best of Big D Award, y’all

The other really really great thing about Milk + Honey: I have never left without buying something I love. And I mean really love. Like I wear it on the reg. So go grab a latte from Pearl Cup and then go buy something awesome that you will love and you will wear on the reg.

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