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“Thank You” Etiquette for Stylish Chicks


hank you just never goes out of style.  In a busy, fast-paced Facebook world, we often forget to properly thank those who do nice things for us, but the truth of the matter is: you should. Always. No exceptions.  Why?  Because it’s polite.  Because it shows class. Because you’d like the same in return when you do something nice for someone.  It’s just good etiquette.

It’s confusing what the appropriate “thank you’s” are in this modern age, so here are a few guidelines to follow:

1. If your friend/co-worker/client deserves a thank you that goes beyond a simple thank you card, think about their personality.  Most people don’t expect a thank you gift that they can use, just something personal and fun.


A beautiful fashion book for your fashion savvy friend Fashion Colouring Book : )

Sweets (bakery or homemade) for the sweet tooth lover Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes

Exotic tea or coffee beans for the caffeine junkie

A bouquet of flowers or beautiful rose bush for the nature lover

Bianco Macabus quartzite

A nice bottle of wine or champagne for those who like to imbibe champagne

Monogramming for anyone of any age on just about anything

You could paint this!

A beautiful picture frame with a photo of you and the receiver

newspaper picture frame

A great set of chalkboard markers and a chalkboard for the creative or organizational types

chalkboard markers!

2. Bring a thank you gift with you when staying at a friend (or relative’s) home.  Although you can send something later, it’s best to bring something with you so you won’t forget after you leave.

3. Don’t be afraid to give something quirky.  People like to receive things they would never buy for themselves.  (My Mother-in-law once bought me a whimsical teapot and mugs with honey bees on them.  It’s super cute, and I smile every time I drink my tea with it!)

4. Even if you never plan on seeing/dating/working with the person you owe a thank you to, send something anyway.  At the very least, send a card.  It’s better to be gracious, even if you’re thankful you’ll never have to see the person again.  Kindness never goes out of style!

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