Posted October 30, 2012 by Hilary Kennedy in Fashion

Display Your Memories Without Shame


came across a beautiful, simple way to display your memories.  Yes, without it being cheesy or narcissistic.  (Because don’t you find yourself rolling your eyes when you see people displaying their entire blue ribbon collection from Field Day ’87 or a photo collage of their overtly sexy photo shoot?)

Curious about this cool new display I found? Here it is.

It’s the Gallery in a Box Framed Set from West Elm for $119, and it’s glorious.  Understated, classy….it’s everything that blue ribbon collection isn’t.
Frame that wedding photo.  Display the playbill from your stint in “Little Shop of Horrors”.  (No one needs to know you were just in the chorus.)  Highlight your perfect attendance certificate.  You can do all that, because these frames are stunning and make anything look like it belongs on the wall.
I wish I could say West Elm put me up to this and is paying me a handsome sum for this post, but alas, it’s just my personal opinion of how absolutely beautiful these frames look grouped together on a wall.  You can never go wrong with simple and meaningful, and this gives you both.  You’re welcome, blank walls.

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