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A Dry Skin Remedy That Won’t Break the Bank


o it got pretty cold this weekend, and seeing as I am rarely prepared for whatever Dallas decides to throw my way I suffered some extremely dry skin and crappy hair. It was the kind of dry where you’re almost in pain, your cheeks are so pink that you’re about to reach clown status, and no amount of lotion seems to do the trick.

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My incredibly crafty roommate saw my pain and came to the rescue with a tub of Aquaphor healing ointment. Isn’t that for lips!? Oh how wrong I was. My dry skin was instantly soothed. I looked a little bit like one of Madame Tussauds wax figures, but hey, I wasn’t going anywhere for a couple of hours. I want to immerse myself in a tub of the stuff daily.

aquaphor healing ointmentAquaphor Healing Ointment on Amazon

While she was rocking my world with Aquaphor, she whipped out a jar of coconut cream. Turns out coconuts not only rehydrate your body but they also make for a fabulous deep conditioner.


Coconut Cream from Tropical Traditions

You don’t have to get fancy to fight the inevitable winter dryness, a simple trip to CVS will have you covered.

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