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This One is For the Guys: Beard Chat


uys, it’s pretty tough to write a “beauty” article for you, because it comes off sounding too “frou frou”.  I’ll try to be as masculine as I can, since there are probably four of you reading this and I don’t want to lose what little male readership I have. So, today’s beauty lesson, if you will, is going to be about the importance of a good razor.  Even if you’re sporting the dirty hippie beard or devil-may-care mutton chops, you still have to keep that thing in order at some point.  A good razor is never a bad idea.  I think many of you continue to use the same razor for too long, leaving it dull and preventing you from a smooth shave.

So, today’s take home advice is this: invest in a good razor that allows you to switch the blades out as often as you need to.  Don’t walk around with a permanent five o’clock shadow.  Give your face (and the people who have to make out with it,) a break.  Trim it up and moisturize your face with pleasant smelling products, like Jack Black or Billy Jealousy.  Yes, it’s an investment, but you’ll smell divine, have baby soft skin, and look younger longer.

In case you need ideas about how to groom said beard or facial hair into a sexy style, here are some reference photos:

And if you keep forgetting to buy a new razor, I think this video can give you some hilarious help.

(Disclaimer: Contains one brief “bleeped” out word. Send the kiddos into the other room to watch Yo Gabba Gabba while you watch this one.)

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