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Katy Perry: What Do You Keep Doing To Your Hair?

Katy Perry on April 18, 2012 in Hollywood, California. Katy Perry's pink and blue hair


hether you like her music or not, “Fireworks” pop star Katy Perry has more than just a hot voice; she’s got the hair to match.  Pop stars through the years have traditionally been hair chameleons, from Madonna to Beyonce to Nicky Minaj.  Katy Perry really seems to enjoy changing her hair color as often as she changes boyfriends and cupcake bras.  So what’s with the crazy colors?  Oh sure, if you were in a punk band we’d all totally understand.  But bubble-gum pop music?  Next thing you know, Bieber is going to be sporting full-sleeve tattoos and marrying Pam Anderson underneath a neon Budweiser sign.

My point is, Ms. Perry…you don’t need the Crayola hair any longer.  You’re a pop sensation who doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, so let that gorgeous brunette-ish mane shine.  It only takes away from your stellar voice.  (Well, that and your ample bosom, but that’s really not my department.)

Check out her circus colored hair in the gallery and her  latest video here:

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