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Body Shop Skin Care Road Test Update


ome of you may recall a post that I did a few weeks ago about a skin care try-out I’m doing for The Body Shop.  (You can read the nitty-gritty here.)  With Galleria Dallas hosting their big Beauty Live Event in a few weeks, it’s been my assignment to test out the slew of products The Body Shop has given me and report back my results.

As previously mentioned, I have the laziest skin care routine of all time.  Wash once a day before bed, slather on moisturizer, and sometimes a little eye cream if I think about it.  Since starting this experiment a few weeks ago, I’ve sucked it up and washed twice daily, used a toner, a myriad of skin brightening agents, and an eye cream.  (Oh, and the occasional microdermabrasion scrub.)

Things I’ve Learned about a Detailed Skincare Regimen:

1. It really doesn’t add on as much time as you would think.  Sure, it’s an extra two minutes to wash once more and use a few products, but nothing drastic.

2. Clear more counter or drawer space for the additional products.  My bathroom counter looks like the skincare counter at Saks now.

3. Your skin WILL look and feel better!  I noticed within three days the difference in my skin: how it looked, felt, and how clear it is. Honest.

4. Taking better care of your skin will allow you to wear less make-up and feel confident about that choice. Plus, you look younger.

5. The vitamin C brightening creams/serums/lotions really did brighten up my dull skin.  I had two different people tell me that my skin looked better and brighter, and they didn’t know I was using anything new.  This was a huge encouragement to me….when people compliment you on something new you’re doing and they don’t know you’re making any effort. Proof is in the pudding.

What are my favorites so far?  Well, I have to admit that the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser doesn’t seem any more effective than my usual cleanser, though it is much gentler than what I’m used to.  However, those Vitamin C products I was telling you about-I LOVE them.  Like, seriously love them.  My skin looks much better without makeup, and feels much better, too.

Here they are, in case you decide to try them for yourself:

Join me and the other Body Shop Skincare guinea pigs to hear about their results on March 17 and 18 at The Beauty Live Event at Galleria Dallas!

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