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Chartreuse: Ugly or Unique?


t’s a goofy sounding word for a color (kind of like the Cerulean blue in the Crayon box,) but chartreuse isn’t goofy on the bodies of hot models for Spring 2012. I haven’t quite decided how I feel about the color yet, even though I bought a chartreuse shirt myself for spring and sported it at a wedding reception a few weeks ago.  Though it’s eye-catching and can be worn with a myriad of complementary bold colors, is it ugly or unique?  You decide.

If you DO decide it’s unique and worth trying out, here are a few tips:

1. This yellowy-green color looks fabulous with hot pink, royal blue, different shades of purple, black, gray, and even electric blue.  Old Navy has a hot pink maxi skirt ($28) that would be lovely with a chartreuse top. Just keep away from other yellows, greens, certain turquoise colors, and too much gold.












2. If you do an all over chartreuse look, keep accessories and makeup simple.









3. Don’t be afraid to carry a pop of this color as your handbag, scarf, datebook, or even bracelet arm candy. (Once again, Old Navy has a messenger bag on sale for $15 that would be a great place to start, or if you already know you love it, L.A.M.B. has a cross-body bag in this color that is nothing short of gorgeous for $199.) It’s a fantastic accessory color!


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4. Don’t be surprised if your man doesn’t like it.  Most men like colors they are familiar with, and chartreuse is one color that most men’s departments don’t keep in stock. You’ll just have to show him it can be sexy. (Nikki Reed does a heck of a job.)



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