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State Fair of Texas: Style Spot?


tate Fair on Opening Day is one of those traditions like the first day of baseball season or Black Friday shopping that makes you feel a special energy in the air.  Of all the fond memories I have of the fair, including riding Crazy Mouse roller coaster until I was sick, is buying an Enzo curling iron.  I know, that sounds ridiculous….but this curling iron was the first of its kind to NOT have a clamp and make soft waves, and it set the trend for beachy hairall over the nation.  (Click on this link to see how to do it yourself.) What was it doing at the State Fair of Texas, you ask?  I have no idea, other than people come to our fair to try out their product on some of the most easily fascinated people, such as myself.  One glimpse of the salesman curling a 12-year old girl’s hair with that Enzo iron and I was forking over $49.95. (They now retail for $119.)  That was almost a decade ago, and that thing still works like a charm.

What else can you find at the State Fair of Texas Pavillions?  How about mineral make-up, teeth whitening, purses, wallets, sweaters, shirts, skirts, dresses, jewelry of all kinds, stylish phone covers, nail art pens, top-of-the-line sewing machines, fitness equipment and so much more that it makes your head spin?  If you’re into “Texas style” (aka: big bling, glitz, and all things western,) you’ll be in hog-Heaven.  Start your State Fair of Texas haul this week while the weather is nice, and treat yourself to something special.

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