Posted July 29, 2011 by Hilary Kennedy in Fashion

Earning Your Stripes


tripes are most commonly found in nautical looks or pin stripes on a dapper men’s shirt, but they could not be contained in apparel for long.  First making a splash with decorative pillows, stripes have become both trendy and classic.  Oh sure, striped bedding has existed and there have been striped drapes hanging from windows since long before shag carpeting, but the striped wall and mix of striped patterns is a somewhat new phenomenon, and it’s gorgeous.

The look of this room from Sarah Richardson Design is the perfect balance of striped walls, chairs, and pillows combined with a soft, neutral pallette.  The ivory and beige basics keep the stripes from giving you a headache and make the room have a less trendy feel.  This room is beguiling for a number of reasons, but the mix of modern lines and classic styles with small pops of color (love those books on the shelf!) make it feel like a warm mug of cocoa on a cold day.  Try painting your bedroom walls with subtle stripes for a dressed up effect, or if that’s too hotel-esque for you, give your powder bath a coat of the lovely lines.  The powder bath is one place you can’t play it too safe.



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