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Wearing White: Tips You’ll Love


ow that Memorial Day has passed, it’s time to bring out the whites and pronounce, “It’s summer!”  White, deemed the absence of color, can be tricky and downright intimidating to wear.  Some say it makes you look larger than you really are, others just fear it because one spill of wine or Kool-Aid and you’re toast. BUT-when you get it right, white looks clean, fresh, and youthful in a way that no other color does.  Here are some great tips to keep white a wardrobe favorite.

Tip #1: Get the correct foundation garments.

White can be a tad see-through at times, especially in bright summer sunlight.  Buy nude foundation garments as close to your skin tone as possible.  Wearing white bras or panties can show through under white blouses and pants, attracting attention to all the wrong places.

Tip #2: Avoid ALL white accessories when wearing white.

If you don’t add a few pops of color or even other neutrals, you begin to look like the Abominable Snow Man, and that’s not a good thing.  If you’re wearing an all-white outfit, just make sure to wear a colored belt, gold or silver jewelry, or something that can contrast with all that dreamy white.

Tip #3: Carry a travel-sized stain remover in your purse.

Many trust the Tide To Go pen, but Shout-Out Wipes and the like are also compact and will fit easily in any purse or pocket.  White attracts lint, stains of all colors, and dirt, so be prepared to combat them should they arise. It’s never more uncomfortable than showing up to an event with an ugly stain right on the front of your white shirt.

Tip #4: Tight white just ain’t right.

White can hug in all the wrong places; so make sure you have plenty of room in whatever you’re wearing.  White shows more bulges than other colors, and you don’t want it drawing attention to your problem areas.  When buying white, just remember that white can be most elegant when it is in a loose, flowing state.  Save the super-curve-hugging items for colors like black, navy, or red.

Tip #5: White shoes with white ensemble? Not always.

There are instances where white shoes with a white outfit can work, but most of the time you should stick to a nude, metallic, or colorful shoe when wearing all white.  And never, ever, ever wear white hosiery. This isn’t 1982.

Tip #6: White is appropriate for every occasion-except a wedding where you aren’t the bride or groom.

Wearing white to someone else’s wedding is considered an insult; let the bride have her moment.  You can always sport your white dress to birthday parties, dinner parties, BBQ’s….just NOT another bride’s big day.

There you have it….all the right ways to make white a wardrobe staple.  One last bit of advice-invest your largest amount in white wardrobe staples, like a crisp button-down shirt or pants/jeans in a substantial fabric.  White clothes tend to wear out and become stained more frequently than other colors, so consider buying cheaper trendy pieces for the rest of your white items.

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