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Pop Color – Better than Hair Chalk


once wrote a post about my passion for hair chalk and Lauren Conrad. Things are taking a turn for the embarrassing in this post, where I will discuss my love for a new and improved version of hair chalk (I know, gasp) and Snap Chat. It’s mostly going to be about the better version of hair chalk, but Snap Chat deserves an honorable mention.

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So basically, Rita Hazan, the mastermind/stylist behind Katy Perry’s hair along with the hair of many other famous people, came out with temporary color spray. I know this has already been invented (I was Christina Aguilera for my 2nd grade Halloween costume gosh darnit!), but this isn’t the freaky hair dye your mom bought you at Target. First of all, it’s sold at Sephora and doesn’t cost $5, so you know it’s a significant step up; but more importantly, Rita really knows what she’s doing with color and with hair, so have a little faith in a woman who can dye a pop star’s hair blue, pink, and purple, and (mostly) everyone loves it.

Rita’s Pop Colors are $18 and come in pink, blue, and purple. As I was feeling particularly adventurous this weekend, I opted for a little bit of pink. And when I say a little, I mean a little. Like a tiny streak that would peek out if I moved my head a certain way.

In order to express to you to how much I loved Pop Color, I will do a comparison. I have felt particularly adventurous once our rita hazan pop colortwice before, which resulted in temporary, brightly colored hair that either looked like a clown threw up on me or looked great but made the colored section of my hair feel like it could break off at any moment (not so soft to the touch). Pop Color looked like real hair dye, but best of all, it didn’t change the texture of my hair. Back in the days of my second grade Xtina costume, you could literally hear my crimped, colored hair crunching as I walked. It’s amazing I even have hair now.

The only downside: it left a little bit of pink on my white shirt, but I blame myself for not letting it dry completely before dressing.

Anyway, here’s where Snap Chat comes in. Obviously I Snap Chatted a pic of pink hair to my friends, because Snap Chat is awesome. This is why: it would be kind of creepy of me to send a mass text to my friends that included nothing more than an especially emo selfie, but on Snap Chat, that’s just what you do. Another plus: no one is burdened with the need to respond with something like, “I LOVE IT” or “You are such an inspiration to me with all your adventuresome going out ensembles!”… because obviously that’s what they would say.

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I know I’m a little late to jump on the Snap Chat bandwagon, but I don’t care. It’s an excellent way to communicate, and the little ghost icon is great.

Snap Chat and Pop Color, two great things that go lovingly hand in hand.

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