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The Bachelor Week 2 Recap


girls’ night watching The Bachelor is better than going out for two reasons: you still get to drink wine and you’re in bed by 10. Just an observation.

the bachelor season 17 episode 2

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Week two is not the most exciting time. We’ve lost the initial complete psychos but still have too many girls to get a good feel for personalities. Is Desiree cool, or an undercover crazy? That prank was pretty intense (I still think Chris Harrison forced everyone to do it out of boredom) but she also did not have the reaction we were expecting. “It wasn’t me,” Desiree/Shaggy.

But no matter how early in the game it is, there’s always that one girl who succumbs to the pressures of Chris Harrison’s mind games.

[One-armed] Sarah: “I feel like I’m falling in love with Sean.” That’s not love, that’s Stockholm syndrome. He just made you jump off a building.

The first few weeks can be trying on a girl’s memory and patience, so let’s make a game out of it. A Bachelor Bracket is just like fantasy football, but way more fun.

Step 1. Make Your Board

You can keep track of the girls/their names/their crazy occupations and cross them off with big black marker when their Sean fantasies are dashed across the hot tub.

bachelor bracket

Step 2. Make Your Bracket

Everyone makes their predictions for the upcoming weeks, including the winner. Start collecting Starbucks cards and bottles of wine for the lucky guesser.

the bachelor bracket

note the wine and Eatzis

Week 2 Observations:

  • I really hope Sarah stops talking about the fact that she has one arm. Your constant talking about it is what’s making us uncomfortable. The nub we can handle.
  • Tierra’s eyebrows are scarier than her bipolarity. Also, WHAT happens to her next week? More importantly, will she still be able to raise her eyebrows that high in a neck brace?

tierra the bachelor

  • The professional model is like, really pretty.

Kristy the bachelor

  • Selma’s super cute and my new favorite.

selma the bachelor

  • Sean clearly doesn’t feel the same way about Kacie B. He keeps reiterating how shocked he is to see her there. I don’t think she’ll win, but I also don’t think she’s going to go quietly. I’m excited.
  • Sarah and Amanda (teeth) sat in silence staring at each other. Amanda got a rose despite her shoulder pads.

sarah and amanda the bachelor

  • Where did Catherine come from? She’s also like, really pretty.



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