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Lifestyle Expert, Robert Verdi, on Surviving the Holidays in Style

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love the holidays, but the second those Thanksgiving leftovers disappear, the early stages of a panic attack set in with thoughts of the oncoming whirlwind of shopping, parties, and inevitable stress. Even the most seasoned hostess needs a little coaching during the holidays; so before you throw up your ribbons in defeat, take some advice from lifestyle expert and celebrity style guru, Robert Verdi.

I recently spoke to the fabulous and flawless lifestyle expert about surviving the holidays in style. From the perfect gift for the BFF who has everything, to tips and tricks for looking camera ready all season long, Verdi knows whats up.


Verdi’s Tips for Hostesses

Turn your home into a hotel. Stock up with new shampoo or Venus Olay razors so no one has to ask for anything they might have forgotten.

“When you’re hosting people, you definitely want to have all the necessities. Primp the bathroom, use fresh fluffy towels, make sure everything is new.” 

The Gift for the Person Who Has It All

I would never have thought of this one: a pet gift! It’s thoughtful, so much fun (maybe not for the animal), and it’s definitely in your budget.

“People love putting clothes on animals. They’ll put the gift on immediately and start taking pictures and put it on Instagram right away. Those things make big splashes.”

Throw in some dog treats for good measure.


Look Fresh and Camera Ready for All Those Holiday Pictures

No clumps on your lashes and a bold lip color are key for looking chic and put together at a holiday party or with the fam.

“Get yourself some Covergirl Lash Clump Crusher and a lipstick in a great color like red.”

Table Manners

The key is to get everyone to the table quickly, have them seated, and keep the conversation going.

“Wrap a gift for everyone to open at the dining table. It gets the kids over to the table quickly and everyone will be seated. Use seating cards; you want to break people up. You want your aunts, uncles or coworkers at different sides of the table. People make new friends and there’s no confusion on where to sit.”

Christmas table

Make it through the holiday season with your Christmas spirit and sanity in tact. Happy Holidays! xoxo


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