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Halloween Black Cat Cookies for the Cookie Decorating Challenged


cannot even begin to express my shock and anger over a scenario that went down last week. I headed to my local Albertsons with only one mission: buy those slice-and-bake cookies with the little pumpkins, cats and witches on them. They were nowhere to be found. Only a week away from Halloween and no appropriately themed slice-and-bakes on the shelves? The horror.

I try to celebrate every holiday with an impossibly easy cookie recipe. If it was at all appropriate to be using an Easy Bake Oven I would be. So I had to get creative.

Thank goodness for this recipe courtesy of Eat, Live, Run. Although the author is an amazing chef, she prefaced the post by saying that she is “NOT a cookie decorator” and finished it by saying that “if she can make these cookies, you can too.” That’s what I like to hear!

The best part, the recipe comes from a whole book about easy recipes for holidays, celebrations and everyday. I need this book ASAP.

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