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From the Farm to Your Face: Tata Harper Skincare


ake Bell uses it.  Marie Claire and Vogue have featured it. So why haven’t you heard of it?

Probably because Tata Harper is almost a secret that women whisper as the reason their skin is looking better than it ever has.

What struck me about this skincare brand is the sleek green packaging, glass containers, and amazing smell.  Once I got past the externals, I learned this brand is straight from a farm in Vermont.  Being located on the farm and growing their own ingredients help ensure the highest quality for the products. According to Tata Harper, “The majority of our competitors are simply marketing companies, who buy formulas and outsource formulation, batching, filling, fulfillment and customer service.” Not this company.  Besides being toxin-free, Tata uses glass whenever possible and minimizes the use of plastic. She uses treeless labels. She buys  electricity from sustainable sources. Since she formulates, batches, fills and fulfills from one location she lowers her carbon footprint. That’s some serious respect for Mother Earth.

Good for the environment almost always means good for you, so that’s why this skincare line is so appealing.  I decided to try a handful of Tata Harper products at the urging of a beautiful friend who is in love with it.  Regenerating Cleanser, Rejuvenating Serum, and Revitalizing Body Oil were my weapons of choice, and though a bit pricey, they were products that came highly recommended.  Before you try it, here is my review:


1. When you pay a bit more for quality, the products last longer.  (And you don’t need as much!) Though Tata Harper isn’t ideal if you’re on a strict budget, this line will go a long, long way if you can swing it.  If you’re looking for one product to start with, the Rejuvenating Serum is fantastic.  It will keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and it fills in those wrinkles.

2. Those beautiful bottles added a little glamour to any sink.  Just saying.

3.  The Revitalizing Body Oil is one of those rare products that pulls more than double-duty.  You can wear it alone for a warm, sensual scent instead of heavy body creams and perfumes.  It’s the perfect hydrating body moisturizer. Oh, and it relieves puffy skin, soothes muscle aches and reduces inflammation.  (Plus, it contains Frankincense. If it was carried to the manger by the Wise Men,  you know this stuff is amazing.)

When you feel like investing in luxury face and body products that go the extra mile, Tata Harper is one brand you can feel good about.  There is less waste on planet Earth, less wrinkling on your face, and more joy when you look in the mirror.

Hilary Kennedy

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