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Three (Affordable!) Bracelets You Have to Have


woman’s wrist is a subtly sexy feature that looks best when adorned with something special.  For centuries, charm bracelets were coveted by women as a sign of social status and a life well-lived.  There’s just something about a bracelet that makes an outfit complete and a woman more polished.

Numerous ancient texts refer to women adorning their arms beautifully. The Book of Isaiah mentions bracelets by name: “In that day the Lord will take away the finery of …..the pendants, the bracelets, and the scarves” (Isaiah 3:16-24).  Which means for thousands of years the world has known wrists aren’t quite as lovely stark naked.  If they were important to ancient royalty, these lovelies will round out any modern girl’s collection:

Zig-Zagged bracelet from anthropologie

Zig-Zagged bracelet

Chevron Charm Bracelet from pinkmascara

Chevron Charm Bracelet

The Zig-Zagged bracelet from Anthropologie is only $38, and has a beautiful chevron pattern.  Colorful, whimsical, and the perfect pop of color-what’s not to love?

The Blue Scissor wrap is $20 of F-U-N.  Both silly and glam, you’re sure to start a conversation with strangers over this beauty.

You can’t forget the Chevron Charm Bracelet. Simple, elegant, and modern, this piece will go beautifully with a worn-in t-shirt or a chic L’Wren Scott dress. At $60, it’s a fair price to pay for a pretty wrist.


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