Posted October 5, 2011 by Hilary Kennedy in Entertainment

Ken and Barbie: Happily Ever After


have to admit, it was a hard day for me when I heard Ken and Barbie broke up.  When they got back together this year, it was as if the Heavens had opened and my life suddenly made sense again.  And now….they are MARRIED!  Can you believe it?  After all those years of dating, Barbie changing careers left and right and then those two breaking up…it seemed impossible.  When the Derek doll (one of the members of Barbie and The Rockers,) showed up on the scene, it looked as if Barbie may have moved on from Ken for good. Luckily, Ken came to his senses and scooped up the quintessential modern woman and asked her to be his bride.

While perusing the blogosphere, I visited one of my fav blogs, Cirque du Sweet. (If you haven’t visited this delectable blog, I highly recommend it.) I could hardly stand it when I saw that this fabulous blog had a link to Ken and Barbie’s wedding photos!  This is obviously too good to keep to myself, so enjoy all the style and substance of the biggest wedding of American royalty since JFK and Jackie O.  (Eat your heart out, Kim Kardashian!)


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