Posted July 20, 2010 by YouPlusStyle in Fashion

Abi Ferrin’s 5-way Dress


bi Ferrin’s designs are inventive, true, but their real value may lie in their extraordinary versatility. Here, taking a moment from a recent fashion shoot with photographer Bode Helm, Abi teaches buyers five different ways to wear her signature dress.

Whether you want your dress to be conservative, boat-neck or off-the shoulder, short and belted or elaborately draped; pull, play and position your dress however you please. The equivalent of owning 5 dresses in one – it’s an investment in style. Abi Ferrin’s 5-Way Dress will be available nationwide at Nordstrom July 15th. ï»¿

Be sure to visit the Abi Ferrin channel page and check out her blog. You can also start a conversation with Abi on her page.