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May’s Most Wanted


his past Dallas weekend has been the hottest this year, and though it made for a few unfortunately sweaty moments, it was a perfect reminder that summer is on its way – time to plan accordingly!

may's most wanted

  1. Ray-Ban Clubmaster – I’ve been known to lose a pair (or 12 pairs) of sunglasses from time to time, but I would try really, really hard not to lose these. But even if I did, these babies are so reasonably priced ($117.99) I could bare the pain of repurchasing.
  2. Vita Liberata – I’ve tried everything, literally everything, when it comes to self-tanning. From tan towels to mousses, there’s always the occasional and unforgiveable streak or off-putting odor. Vita Liberata is an organic self-tan brand from Ireland, which should explain its perfection immediately. If anyone needs a good spray tan, it’s the Irish – my freckle-faced self would know. The brand is predominately sold in the UK, but it can be found at Sephora in the US or online here.
  3. Mara Hoffman Luau Bikini – Does anything really need to be said here?
  4. Luxor Pro Wet Brush – I’ve noticed a significant difference in my hair’s texture since using “The Wet Brush.” I used to dread the painstaking process of combing my hair after showering, but this amazing little brush is quick, painless, and more effective than a comb to begin with. Also, it’s the same brush used at Drybar, so you know it’s good!


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