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Great Gatsby-Inspired Hair Pieces


ot since the Harry Potter series have I been this excited about a movie. And I know, basically everyone is giddy with anticipation over Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, but seeing as I wrote my AP English Essay on Fitzgerald’s novel (ignoring the fact that several other hundreds of teens probably did the same), I feel I have a special connection to the East Egg / West Egg world. I’m taking this and running with it.

But seeing as this is a site about style, and not my own personal rants, I have decided to dedicate this post to some Gatsby-inspired fashion; namely, headpieces.

As a fan of the headpiece for many years, I truly hope they Gatsby hype results in making it appropriate to wear headpieces at all times. To work, the grocery store, a bar on Friday night… there’s nothing like a good headpiece to keep your hair in place and your coolness in tact.

Gatsby-Inspired Headpieces

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