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King’s Cake Alternatives


s much as I would like to be, I’ve never been that crazy about King’s Cake. I obviously love Mardi Gras, but the thought of King’s Cake still conjures up weird memories of a dry, multi-colored cake that our teacher would cut into tiny slivers in the 1st and 2nd grade. Everyone was always hunting for that plastic baby and I was just praying he wasn’t in my tiny sliver of a portion.

king's cake

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But I love the idea of king’s cake, and I don’t want to miss out on tradition because of my strange fear of plastic babies, so I’ve come up with a few alternatives that have all the yellow, green and purple magic with no sign of a miniature fetus. Are you starting to see my point?

King’s Cake Macarons

Macarons from

via Sucre

Sucre Sweet Boutiques and Confections is only in New Orleans, but maybe they deliver?

King’s Cake Pancakes

Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Fat Tuesday.

King’s Cake Jello Shots

This is Mardi Gras after all. Also, Cake Vodka is unreal.

King’s Cake Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread is so good and so easy. Anything that involves four tubes of Pillsbury refrigerator biscuits just has to be amazing.

King’s Cake Bars

For a cream cheesier kind of King’s Cake

King’s Cake Cupcakes

The chef uses a cinnamon-cream cheese mixture and no signs of plastic fetuses.

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