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The Row’s Pricey Pill-Covered Backpack

the row pill-covered backpack


ou may have thought your backpack from JanSport was pretty cool, but that backpack just got served.

The popular $35,000 crocodile backpack designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for their fashion label, The Row, has gotten a makeover by artist Damien Hirst. It may appear that he has simply covered the bag in pills, because that’s exactly what he did. So why is the 35K pack for your back now $55,000? The pill-covered backpack is in reference to Hirst’s “The Void,” and when art and fashion combine, a hefty price tag is sure to follow.

Given that the original backpack sold out, I’m sure the pill-covered one will follow suit. Maybe they’ll even through in a box set of Full House for your troubles.

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