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Workout Chic: Stylin’ While You Sweat


f you’re a gym rat, you certainly don’t want to look like one.  The gym isn’t the place to look sexy, but it isn’t the place to look like you haven’t combed your hair since the Kennedy assassination.  Spending a little extra time and money on your workout gear is never a bad idea, and will ultimately improve your workouts.  It’s not productive to wear baggy, ill-fitting clothes-your workout will suffer, and so will your self-esteem.

The first step is to find supportive and correctly-sized attire.  You want your chest adequately supported at all times, with little to no spillage at the top.  The gym isn’t really the place to put the twins on display, so keep ’em under wraps as much as possible.  If you’re extra blessed on top, this will keep them from bouncing to and fro, hurting your back, and distracting everyone on the elliptical watching you.


If you aren’t a tiny size, don’t feel as if you have to wear spandex or elastic.  You don’t.  Find workout clothes that are flattering, in good colors, a breathable fabric, and don’t accentuate side or tummy rolls.  The fit should be loose enough to make movement easy, but tight enough that it isn’t baggy and frumpy.  No matter what size you are, buy colors that make you feel good!  If you feel energized wearing yellow, do it!  If black makes you feel thinner and more comfortable, wear it.  LuluLemon has one of the best selections of sport attire out there, with great colors and trendy styles.  If it’s too pricey for your pocketbook, check out TJ Maxx and Ross, which carry name brand attire for a fraction of the regular retail price. One tip: If you choose neutral or dark workout clothes, pick a bright pair of athletic shoes.  Workout attire should be playful and fun!


Ditch the face full of make-up.  Once cosmetics mix with your sweat, it just becomes a pore nightmare.  Try a tinted moisturizer (like Laura Mercier’s,) and a little waterproof mascara.  A tinted lip balm can add a rosy glow to your lips, but won’t be sticky and heavy like lipstick and lipgloss.

Going to the gym or squeezing in a workout is already a task that requires motivation. Looking cute and sporty makes it a heck of a lot easier.

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