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How to Rock a Cape in the South


lamour recently ran an article detailing three ways to wear a cape a not feel like your little brother playing superhero. The article showed some very hip young ladies rocking their capes on the runway or the streets of NYC. But I don’t live in NYC, and there are not a lot of runways or scaffolding covered streets for me to test-drive this trend. Plus, all the options looked so dark and heavy.

Dallas has a fashion scene all it’s own but I have yet to see it be littered with cape wearers. Big statement necklaces, studded denim and top buns, yes. Capes, no. But as a girl who is always desperate to find a way to pull an outfit with minimal effort, the cape thing seems like it could really be up my alley.

I scouted a few fun, colorful ways to try out this trend down south, where it’s always okay to wear white after Labor Day.

This white chunky knit cape looks beyond cozy.

Channel your inner Barbie in this pretty pink cape.

From polka dots and glittery nails to chic little bows… I love all these youthful feminine trends.

Well obviously I want everything, but this red cape from Zara would be so perfect for Christmas. It reminds me of something Samantha, my American Girl Doll, would wear.

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