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How to Get the Most Out of the End to Daylight Savings Time


aylight Savings Time ends on November 4. You could spend your days anticipating how many activities you could jam into that extra hour or you could follow suit with lazy chicks like me and focus on your beauty sleep. I’ve always considered myself a night owl AND an early bird (with an emphasis on the owl) so this extra hour is kind of a big deal for me. Here are a few tips for pumping a little extra beauty into your night’s sleep à la my favorite girl Bibles: Cosmo and Glamour.

  • Undo Hair Damage

Deep conditioning can do wonders to even the most straw-like of hair. There are plenty to choose from but Wonderful Tonight by TIGI is one of the best. If you don’t want to shell out the $62, grab some coconut cream from the grocery store.

  • Sleep on a Silk Pillow

When your hair gets dry and brittle, the last thing you want to do is rub it all over cotton; unless you want to look like Edward Scissorhands in the morning. Silk pillows prevent breakage and are just so glamorous anyway. Imagine turning one of those babies over in the middle of the night – it’s like a cool, shiny cloud.

  • Prevent Zits

This one is too easy not to do, just tie your hair back. Your hair contains lot of natural oils or products, especially if you put deep conditioner in it. Leaving it on your face is like leaving oil on your skin while you sleep. Pull your mane back, but don’t pull too hard. A girl in middle school once told me if you pull your hair back too tight your highline will get higher. While I think that’s pretty absurd, it’s not a great idea to put that much strain on your hair follicles for that long. A loose bun or a soft, chunky headband should do the trick.

  • Solve Your Problems

I have yet to test this out, but according to Cosmo you can come up with answers to life issues while you snooze. I won’t go into all the detail Cosmo does because it’s a little intense, but here’s the gist:

Step 1: Think about your problem before you go to sleep

  • Really mull it over. Apparently, the more you think about it the more specific your solution will be

Step 2: Keep a pad of paper and a pen by your bed so you can record your discoveries if you wake up in the middle of the night

  • I can see it now… “Gasp! I gave my iPhone to the cab driver! He had that go phone and it was just so sad…”

Step 3: Take a moment in the morning before you start your day to think about what you dreamt about or wrote down

  • It’s like every time I wake up from a dream with Ryan Reynolds in it…

So there you go. When you wake up after Daylight Savings Time is ends, you can have great hair, no zits and all your life issues can be solved. Not too shabby.

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